Solar Electric Systems - Site Assessment, Design & Installation

Solar Electric Systems, Site Assessment, Design, Installation

Solar Electric Systems, Site Assessment, Design, Installation


Solar Electricity by Appleton Solar

Whether you are wondering if solar is right for you or you have been contemplating doing a solar project for years, youíve come to the right place. We can help design and install a system that meets your needs.

Solar electric systems convert the sunís light into usable electricity to power your home or business. Solar electric systems can reduce your monthly utility bills or provide power in places where utility power is not available or consistent. Let us help you harness the sunís energy. With solar electricity, the fuel is always free!



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Appleton Solar

Thank you for visiting us at the outdoor 2013 Downtown Appleton Just Act Natural Green Farmersí Market
Check back in the Spring of 2014 for summer market dates!


Join us for the 2014 ASES National Solar Home Tour
October 4th, 2014 - FREE Self-guided tour - Open to the public
Check our website in September 2014 for updated tour information


"I'd put my money on solar energy... I hope we don't have to wait 'til oil and coal run out before we tackle that."
-Thomas Edison, in conversation with Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, March 1931.






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